MUGELLO – Italian GP

M U G E L L O 🇮🇹

I got to grips with the iconic track that is Mugello but we had a lot of work to put into getting the bike set up right. We had a plan of attack for qualifying however I made only one lap due to an engine problem which meant I was to start from the tenth row. We made a step forward in warmup ready for the race. Going into the race I felt confident we could make another step forward but it wasn’t to be as I unfortunately crashed out.

I am okay after the crash but it’s not the ideal way to finish the race obviously. I didn’t feel like I was over the limit, I was riding hard but I didn’t have a good feeling with the track temperature much higher than yesterday. I spent ten laps behind the group, to understand where we can improve. It is my first time here, whereas other riders have spent years riding at Mugello, and I feel that we have made gradual progress over the weekend which was shown by how competitive we were in the warm-up. I am sorry to the team because in the end we do need more information to improve the bike, but I am here to fight and unfortunately today I crashed. It happened off the throttle between turns 4 and 5 – I had vibrations there all weekend but on this occasion I couldn’t save the bike and it just kept sliding until I hit the ground.

As ever we must take the positives from the weekend and for me I learnt another track In the process. My focus is on the next Spanish GP. I am fortune to be fit after the crash so now I take the information gathered from this weekend at mugello and put all efforts into our next race

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8 thoughts on “MUGELLO – Italian GP

  1. It must be so hard mentally to know you can ride harder but don’t have the set up to do it. It must take a lot of mental toughness to fight off draining your confidence to race. Hope it makes a step forward in Spain. Would so love to see you get amongst the Top 15 and sneak a point or 2. Good luck for the rest of the races.

  2. You have done really well so far Jake, and like you say, the other riders have experience with the tracks, where as you don’t.
    You just need to stop “bouncing” off the track’s. Little by litlle you will get there, as you did in BSB. You have determination, a good Team & Sarah by your side, you can achieve anything. Good luck for future races. Xx

  3. another new track you have experience of, it must be difficult such a big step up to the top moto gp stage, glad your not hurt, good luck. keep going well done we are all rooting for you.

  4. You carnt keep a good lad down 👍 you will get there jake , keep smiling , have some chill time with your beautiful lady and the 🐶 from your number 1 Yorkshire fan Shelley x

  5. You have raced in the moto2 world championship at Mugello. Whatever happens, that is something special. I was there in 2008 when vale won with the face helmet design. Enjoy every track, atmosphere and ride. Good interview by Alex Marquez… Enjoy racing and everything will fall into place.. Spain next.. WOOHOO

  6. I have complete trust in your ability to work forward with this bike. When and if you get a decent set up from KTM you will be in the points. We share your frustration but keep plugging away and show the team you are a winner.

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